Superhero Door Sign
Superhero Door Sign
Superhero Door Sign
Superhero Door Sign

Superhero Door Sign

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Mark the entrance to your superhero den (or bedroom or playroom!) with a personalised superhero portrait door hanger - your young superhero will love it!

Using the image shown, you’ll need to pick a hairstyle, a hair colour, a skin tone, and a suit colour. You’ll also need to decide whether or not your superhero needs a mask, glasses, or neither.

Hairstyles include side fringe, flicky up fringe, fringe, neat hair, long hair and curly hair, and can be black, dark brown, mid brown, red, dark blond or blond. Popular skin tone choices include dark, mid, tanned, or fair.

You can add your superhero's name (the initial will also be used on his suit) and choose the text you would like on the door sign. I've used "Sam's Superhero Den" in the example, but I'm sure you'll have your own preferred wording.

If you would like to adapt any of the elements, we can tweak the hairstyles, add different colour combinations for the suit, and of course the wording at the bottom is entirely customisable!

These signs are great for children's rooms, but are equally suitable for naming studios or sheds - anywhere a superhero hangs out!

made from:

The door hanger is made from high quality hardboard. The printed side is shiny.


The personalised door plaque measures approximately 10.2cm x 22.7cm and is 3mm thick. The hook will fit on all standard door handles.

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