A close-up photo of a turquoise fleece cushion with a sleeping badger design. The badger is surrounded by a pattern of twinkling stars and constellations.
A comfortable cushion with a cute badger design. The badger is sleeping soundly amidst a starry night sky of constellations and twinkling stars.
A snuggly fleece cushion and hot water bottle cover featuring a sleeping badger with a name surrounded by constellations and stars. The cushion is perfect for chilly evenings.
A cosy cushion and hot water bottle cover with a whimsical badger design, featuring constellations and stars. The turquoise fleece adds a pop of color to any room, making it perfect for snuggling up on cool nights
Badger personalised cushion

Badger personalised cushion

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A badger is sleeping under constellations of twinkling stars. A cosy fleece cushion, perfect for snuggling up on cool evenings.

This beautiful monochrome woodland creature is the star of this super-soft turquoise fleece cushion, topped off with a name amidst a constellation of stars.

Obviously badgers tend to be nocturnal, so this baby badger is still snoozing at dusk - there is still a touch of light in the sky, but the stars are starting to shine. Your child's name makes its very own constellation above the badger on this fluffy cushion - printed using glow-in-the-dark vinyl with a handful of stars. The badger cub is partly glitter (the glitter doesn't shed at all, but twinkles beautifully) with a softer face and tail.

This envelope-back cushion cover is perfect for a nature lover to snuggle up with while dreaming of woodland adventures!

These cushions are are made from scratch by me in my forest studio.

Choose any name or message you like. Longer names or messages will mean that the letters are smaller, but this can look lovely too.

* Why not team this with our matching badger hot water bottle cover? If you purchase both at once, you will save £3 on the combined price. ***The hot water bottle cover does NOT include a hot water bottle but fits a standard 2L hot water bottle.***

* Made from polyester fleece with garment vinyl pattern.

* Turn cushion cover inside out before washing. Machine wash cool.

* Comes with a polyester cushion pad. Cushion pads conform to British Safety Standards. Cushion cover and cushion pad measure approx 45cm x 45cm

* We are happy to send direct to the recipient with a gift receipt and a hand written gift tag at no extra cost.

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