Superhero Water Bottle


Superheroes need to stay hydrated, so we’ve got the perfect personalised water bottle to keep your superboy on track for two litres a day!

When a regular plastic bottle just won’t do, this aluminium superhero water bottle is great for active little boys who need to drink lots! With a plastic nozzle to drink from and a handy metal clip, this is water bottle is both practical and fun.

You can choose custom elements such as hair colour and style as well as suit colour to create a custom illustration of your little superhero which will be printed on one side of the bottle.

We’ll then need you to let us know his name and his superpower so we can personalise the other side of the bottle too!

Using the image shown, you’ll need to pick a hairstyle, a hair colour, a skin tone, and a suit colour. You’ll also need to decide whether or not your superhero needs a mask, glasses, or neither.

Hairstyles include side fringe, flicky up fringe, fringe, neat hair, long hair and curly hair, and can be black, dark brown, mid brown, red, dark blond or blond. Popular skin tone choices include dark, mid, tanned, or fair, and your hero can be wearing a mask, glasses, or neither.

If you would like to adapt any of the elements, we can tweak the hairstyles, add different colour combinations for the suit, and of course the wording on the reverse is entirely customisable!

The water bottle comes with a plastic, lidded nozzle for easy drinking as well as a screw top option on a metal clip.

made from:

Aluminium. Capacity : 600ml.


18cm high (including lid); 7cm diameter

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