Superhero Personalised key ring or bag tag


Even superheroes need somewhere to keep their keys! This personalised superhero portrait key ring instantly identifies the key's owner.

Alternatively it makes a great bag tag for your superhero's school bag - who knows what superpowers he has hidden in there!

The keyring or bag tag makes a great small gift to celebrate his special powers. Ideal as a stocking filler too.

Let us know your superhero's name so we can add his initial onto his suit.

Using the image shown, you’ll need to pick a hairstyle, a hair colour, a skin tone, and a suit colour. You’ll also need to decide whether or not your superhero needs a mask, glasses, or neither.

Hairstyles include side fringe, flicky up fringe, fringe, neat hair, long hair and curly hair, and can be black, dark brown, mid brown, red, dark blond or blond. Popular skin tone choices include dark, mid, tanned, or fair, and your hero can be wearing a mask, glasses, or neither.

If you would like to adapt any of the elements, we can tweak the hairstyles or add different colour combinations for the suit.

made from:

The keyring is made from high quality hardboard. The printed side is shiny. Attached with a metal ring.


6.2cm high x 3.5cm wide.

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