Superhero Mug


Make his dreams come true and turn your little boy into a superhero with this personalised mug by choosing custom hair, skin and outfit options.

Remind a little boy he’s brilliant by getting him immortalised as an illustration and printed onto a superhero mug he can use every day.

By choosing different elements like skin tone and hair, you will create a totally custom superhero who will then be printed onto a high quality ceramic mug.

We’ll also need you to tell us the superhero’s name and his special power so that these can be added to the other side of the mug in coordinating colours.

Start creating your superhero by using the image shown to pick a hair style, a hair colour and a skin tone before deciding whether he should go incognito in a mask!

You can then choose your suit – we’ve included our most popular colour combinations but let us know if you’d like different colours.

Hairstyles include side fringe, flicky up fringe, fringe, neat hair, long hair and curly hair, and can be black, dark brown, mid brown, red, dark blond or blond. Popular skin tone choices include dark, mid, tanned, or fair, and your hero can be wearing a mask, glasses, or neither.

If you would like to adapt any of the elements to get it spot on, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help create something extra special. We can tweak the hairstyles, add different colour combinations for the suit, and of course the wording on the reverse is entirely customisable!

made from:


Dishwasher and microwave safe.


9cm high x 8cm diameter.

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